Blairquhan Castle


A Blairquhan Castle photographer will capture your wedding memories

Finding the perfect wedding venue for you can be, to put it mildly, a challenge. Other than the important wish to find the one place which can accommodate all of your wishes, it does feel like Ayrshire has far more than its fair share of venues which could claim to be this. This is why we see it as important to highlight the many merits of key venues in Scotland, as we're happy to help you make an informed decision. Here we'd like to take a look at what makes Blairquhan Castle wedding ceremonies so very special.


One of the most accurate descriptions of Blairquhan Castle as a wedding venue is that it offers a seemingly impossible balance. This is the combination of a place that's both very exclusive, yet open to the public to make use of. It has only been relatively recently that the site has been made available to host special events such as weddings. This really does make it an extraordinarily special place for your big day.


To give you an idea of just how magnificent Blairquhan Castle looks we only need suggest you watch the award winning film The Queen. This 2006 movie used the castle for the scenes which were set in and around Balmoral. The site had always enjoyed a reputation for being exceptionally regal in look and style, so it was little wonder that the producers made use of it.


Arranging to have your wedding at Blairquhan Castle means to hold the ceremony at a place that you and your guests shall remember forever. Whilst memories are magical, it's also true that photographs provide the perfect way to preserve the event.


If we are honest about it there is little point in booking this magnificent venue for your wedding and settling for anyone less than the best Blairquhan Castle photographer available. Time and again we've had the distinct honour of being described as exactly this.


Earlier we referred to the balance the venue offers. On a similar note, perfect wedding photography must reflect a balance between the beauty of the venue and the magic of the love between the unified couple. Our passion for perfectly capturing this exudes across our professional work.


If you have had the privilege of being able to secure Blairquhan Castle for your wedding venue we would, first and foremost, like to offer our sincerest congratulations on what we know shall be a wonderful day. We'd also be deeply honoured to undertake the important duty of making sure the pictures from the day are taken with absolute perfection.


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