Culzean Castle


A Culzean Castle wedding - surprisingly intimate in a big setting

One of the greatest misconceptions people have about the many buildings which fall under the curatorship of the National Trust for Scotland is that they are all akin to being museums. By this we mean that many think that the historically significant properties they look after have a "look but do not touch" rule in place. This, we are very happy to say, is far from the case.


The National Trust for Scotland know that the best way to honour and respect the rich history and traditions of the past is to encourage people to embrace them as a very real, living and breathing element of the present. One of the most rewarding - and indeed memorable - ways in which this is achieved is by allowing them to be booked for prestige events such as weddings. A stunning example of this for those of us here in Ayrshire is Culzean Castle. Wedding ceremonies can be booked and held within the grounds.


Culzean Castle photography in itself can quite often be a thing of beauty. The natural environment of the grounds, in particular the way in which the walls seem to rise as one from the imposing cliffs along the coast, has been at the heart of many magnificent images.


Culzean Castle's impressive appeal stems from the the way in which the natural beauty of the environment has been embraced within the look, the style and the very feel of the grounds. It creates the very personification of perfection when it comes to providing a backdrop for truly memorable wedding ceremonies and photography.


Although the incredible beauty of a Culzean Castle wedding is itself ample reason to choose it as a venue, there is of course at least one other very good reason for doing so. As we mentioned at the start, the grounds are under the curatorship of the National Trust for Scotland. By using one of their venues for a wedding you are able to offer greatly appreciated support - personally and financially - to the important work they carry out across the country.


There are many wonderful reasons to select Culzean Castle as your dream location for a wedding. No matter which of the reasons draws you to this venue, we are certain you want to make sure the day is captured perfectly. This is exactly what we will bring to the wedding for you. Over the years we have been celebrated as the best Culzean Castle photographer for our ability to perfectly preserve the beauty of the day and the place. We're looking forward to the honour of giving you this service.


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