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Brig o' Doon Weddings

From a purely historical perspective Brig o' Doon is fascinating. This highly regarded bridge has Category A Structure status, and for many it is the greatest example of late medieval architecture to be found in Scotland.

Whilst all of these are important points, none of them directly relates to why it's so popular as a wedding venue. That comes more from the passion, and of course famous poetry, the beauty of it has inspired in people for centuries. You so easily sense this passion as soon as you see the bridge, making it very easy to understand why so many want Brig o' Doon wedding photographs to commemorate their love.

Your Brig o' Doon Wedding Photographer

Over the years we have proudly earned a reputation for being a leading Brig o' Doon wedding photographer. As you'd expect all professional care and attention is taken when we photograph the ceremony and reception for you. We know, however, that what the bride and groom truly want is the perfect portrait of them by the Brig o' Doon. In our safe hands this is exactly what you will have.

It is, first and foremost, always wonderful to hear of a couple deciding to have a Brig o' Doon wedding. As there's no shortage of beautiful venues in Ayrshire it can be quite a difficult choice. Once made, however, it's a decision that you will not regret. With our wedding photography skills at your disposal, it's also going to be a day that we help make sure you never forget.


Rainy wedding day at the Brig o Doon hotel

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