Glenapp Castle Wedding Photographer

Glenapp Castle is the perfect venue for wedding photography

After visiting a venue as impressive and striking as Glenapp Castle, it is so apparent why this is such the perfect venue for wedding photography - from the experience of both the bride and groom, families and guests. If you've ever had the pleasure of visiting Glenapp Castle we would imagine you too can easily understand why it feels so exclusive yet so friendly too in respect of the Scottish hospitality provided by the amazing staff at the castle.

Highly experienced Glenapp Castle wedding photographer

Over the years we've had the distinct honour of being appointed to the role of Glenapp Castle wedding photographer by many couples. This has allowed us to understand the unique qualities of the different settings found within the grounds. Our photography draws on the impressive features of the castle without allowing them to overwhelm or take focus away from the bride, the groom, and the wedding party.

Location photographs taken to perfection

Glenapp Castle gives you a wonderful range of locations for photographs to be taken. Beyond the rich features of the building itself, the grounds offer a charming pier on a pond, woodlands and impeccably cultivated gardens. As a coastal castle, it also offers visitors and guests a breathtaking view across the Irish Sea. No matter where in the grounds you choose for your photographs, we will make sure they are taken to absolute perfection.

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Glenapp Castle Wedding Photographer
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