Lochgreen House Hotel wedding photographer

Embrace the Traditions of Romance at Lochgreen House Hotel

Here in Ayrshire we're a little bit spoilt for choice with places that match this description. That said, it is true that there are few things which embrace the traditions of romance quite like Lochgreen House Hotel wedding ceremonies.

The Lochgreen House Hotel Location

The property is one of those perfect examples of something that feels like it's always been part of the natural landscape of a place despite only being a relatively recent development. Whenever someone mentions that the grounds have "only" been open for wedding ceremonies for the last 20 years, even we think there must be some mistake as it feels like it's been part of our world forever. One should not mistake the relatively recent history of Lochgreen House as meaning it is modern. The design of the grounds, the hotel itself, and the golf course it overlooks are deeply embedded in the cultural heritage Ayrshire, indeed Scotland, is so famously celebrated for.

Your Lochgreen House Hotel Wedding Photographer

We have been afforded the opportunity to be the wedding photographer of choice at a number of Lochgreen House Hotel ceremonies. From our experiences we can assure you that it offers the perfect backdrop for the images and portraits you want to take away from the day.

A Unique & Exclusive Venue

Whilst we love all the qualities of the popular wedding venues in Ayrshire, we also appreciate the qualities each gives. From our experiences as a Lochgreen House Hotel wedding photographer, the one unique quality we note it offers is that of exclusivity. The property understands that many wedding parties have a wish to keep as much of a sense of this as possible for their venue. To achieve this, they are happy to assist you in booking the entire grounds for your big day.

Capturing the Ultimate Expression of Love

Choosing to hold your wedding at Lochgreen House Hotel is, in many respects, to express as much love and commitment to the area as one would usually see shared between the bride and groom. It really does reflect the very best of the heart and spirit of the Ayrshire community, and it is of little surprise that people seek to make the ultimate expression of love there.