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What makes the perfect wedding venue?

We are often asked by prospective bride and grooms what makes a great venue for photography?

Firstly, there is no single answer that fits all scenarios, yet some general advice follows.  If the weather is absolutely horrendous on your wedding day, some venues still have lots of indoor options for great photographs with nice illumination and perhaps great window light.  It's worth asking a venue what the possibilities are in such circumstances and which areas may be "out of bounds." It may be that in adverse weather, all the available rooms are crowded, or that the hotel may have a second function at the same time or be open to members of the public. Is your wedding the only wedding on that particular day at that chosen venue?  A good chef is also worth their weight in gold, so why not have a meal at a prospective venue.  Often the team that is looking after you on the wedding day can also make a real difference.  Organisation is the key and it's always heartbreaking when you hear stories that the service was perhaps not as expected after the event.

Note that regrettably, at the following Church of Scotland venues, Newton Mearns Parish Church, Dunblane Cathedral, Paisley Abbey, West Kirk in Helensburgh, Greenbank Church in Clarkston, Troon Parish Church, Ardwell Parish Church, Glasgow Cathedral and Symington Church, there are extreme restrictions on photography or a zero photography policy in place for during the actual ceremony.