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If you've ever had the pleasure of visiting this most remarkable place in Ayrshire then we'd be confident you can visualise just how stunning and elegant a wedding ceremony on the site can be. It offers the most beautiful of settings for what will be a beautiful day, with the magic and wonder of the estate ensuring that memories of the ceremony live on longer. As one of the most experienced and respected Glenapp Castle wedding photographer in the area, we will make sure those memories are captured to treasure forever.

Glenapp Castle Weddings

We know that one of the easiest things in the world to do is to name a castle in Scotland that has a rich history associated with it. The myths, legends and traditions associated with our history and heritage are so vivid that it would, we'd suggest, be all but impossible to find one without a story to tell. It is, however, of course the case that each and every one has its own unique story and history to tell. When looking for a place to hold an important event in Scotland, in particular weddings, people tend to gravitate towards a property which has a history that connects to them. Glenapp Castle is a truly wonderful example of this.

Glenapp Castle Location

The Kilphin Glen, located alongside the building, has time and again proven to be the perfect backdrop for holding a Glenapp Castle wedding. This region of the estate is rich with a truly global range of botanical wonders. From the 1870s through to the present day Kilphin Glen has been a popular place to bring saplings and plants from across the planet, with all of them flourishing to create a spectacular window on the world. The sight of Sequoia, Redwood and Fir trees set against Glenapp Castle serve to make a breathtakingly beautiful setting for some truly unique wedding photographs.

A Truly Wonderful Service

What makes this natural beauty all the better for a wedding venue is the treatment and service you will receive. Few places, if any, could ever truly feel like they match the five star rating in the way Glenapp Castle does. The owners have painstakingly restored the historical significance of the castle in a way that embraces the very finest of modern luxurious comforts.

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