Rowallan Castle wedding photographer

Remember your Rowallan Castle wedding with stunning images

As we've looked at in respect of other popular wedding venues in the area, one should not in this sense mistake 'new' for 'modern'. From an historical perspective this venue is a relatively new castle on the landscape as the current look of it was completed in 1906. Renowned architect Sir Robert Lorimer was called upon to carry out the alterations. His combination of Victorian style touched by the-then blossoming Edwardian sense is credited with creating the unique, rather striking appearance so sought after by couples looking for the perfect wedding venue.

One of the questions we're understandably asked from time to time is what qualities make a venue perfect for wedding photographs. A lot of the answer is dependent on what the couple wishes to project. As a general guide, however, we'd say that it is one which imposes the romantic mood of the occasion on the images in a way that reinforces the wedding rather than distract from it. The many assignments we have carried out as a Rowallan Castle photographer have without fail delivered stunning examples of this.

You might have noticed something of a theme developing so far in our views on this venue. This is entirely deliberate. The theme we've highlighted is the importance of ensuring distractions are avoided at your wedding. By opting to make use of the "new" one, you can make your Rowallan Castle wedding completely free and clear of any forms of distraction. There's no need to worry about restrictions on other guests or members of the public as the only people granted access are those in your wedding party - and of course, we trust, ourselves as your wedding photographers of choice.

Your Rowallan Castle Wedding Photographer

As well as holding the ceremony and reception in your room of choice within the castle, you also have the freedom to determine with us the very best of backdrops for your wedding photographs. This lets us capture the very best images. Rowallan Castle is a remarkable highlight of the many wedding venues Ayrshire has available. If you've selected this estate as the perfect place to share your wedding vows, we'd like to extend our congratulations on what we know will be a very special day. We would be proud to capture the magic of it for you with our professional photography skills.